Nanotechnology will mark an era in neurosurgery
Global Collaboration in Brain Mapping
The world-famous neuroscientists to meet in Switzerland in 2017
The world-famous neuroscientists meet in Switzerland in 2017
Üsküdar University students’ conspicuous TÜBİTAK success
Ideas will turn into end products with BrainPark
New drug molecule has been developed in the treatment of Mediterranean Anemia!
USA gave green light to CRISPR-Cas9 organized by Üsküdar University!
DNA Surgery Workshop was held at Üsküdar University
Üsküdar University shares its experiences at NAFSA
Turkish and U.S. scientists met in Atlanta at TANPA meeting
Üsküdar University and NPİSTANBUL at 2016 APA meetings to announce our work
The Current State And Future Potential to Use Biomarkers In Schizophrenia Will Be Discussed In The Upcoming ECNS Conference
New Research Findings Will Be Discussed in ECNS 2016 Istanbul Meeting
ECNS 2016 Has Been Introduced In The US Parliament
ECNS 2016 - Introduced On 13th Annual SBMT Meeting In Miami
New Horizons in clinical neuroscience - ECNS 2016
ECNS 2016 - 13th Annual Conference
Prof. Aziz Sancar showed great interest in gene-based studies of Üsküdar University
Neuropathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu who was the inspiration for the film "Concusion" was given an award by the group that includes Üsküdar University


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