Prof. Nevzat TARHAN, MD (Rector of Uskudar University)

He was born in Merzifon in 1952. He finished Kuleli Military High School in 1969 and graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical School İstanbul University in 1975. Following his internship at GATA (Gülhane Military Medical Academy) he worked in Cyprus and Bursa garrisons at different military medical institutions. In 1982 he became a specialist psychiatrist at GATA. After his clinical services as a specialist at Erzincan and Çorlu Hospitals, he became an assistant professor(1988), an associate professor (1990) at GATA Haydarpaşa. He was promoted to colonel in 1993 and became a professor in 1996. Between 1996 – 1999 he worked at  Yüzüncü Yıl University as faculty member and as an expert at Forensic Institution. He got retired on his own will. He took the representation of  “Memory Center of America” in Turkey in 1998.

Currently, he has been the Chairman of the Board of NPİSTANBUL, the first neuropsychiatry hospital of Turkey and also  the founding Rector of Üsküdar University.

He has more than a hundred publications 31 of which are international. He speaks English and German. He is married and has two children.

Some of the Social Responsibility Projects:

İDER Human Values and Mental Health Foundation, Chairman

ASDER ( Human rights organization) Defenders of Justice Association, Chairman

Happy Home Happy Life Association, Chairman (Focusing on orphans and deprived children)

Come Hold My Hand Association, Chairman  (Child abuse and negligence)

Congress and Magazines

1989 “Stress and Diseases”

1991 “Innovations in Psychopharmacology”

1992 “Aggression”

1993 “Serotonin” are some of the international organisations which were first organized in Turkey. He worked as the editor of “Clinical Psychopharmacology Magazine” for six years. He took part in the editorial board.

He took part in the organization committee of 7th International ECNS Congress which was held in İstanbul in 2007.


Some of his Awards

“Best Research and Best Researcher” in International Congress on “Destructive Drives and Impulse Control”, Netherlands, 1991.

“RTGD Best Community Program” for television program called “Reasonable Solutions” in STV, 2003

Award for “ Supporting family training and protective community mental health services” with Psikoyorum TV program on SKY TURK from Prime Ministry General Directorate of Family and Social Research, 2005.

“Golden Apple” award by Amasya Foundation for his contribution to the use of Turkish Music in  music therapy, 2007.

"Golden Tulip" award on Psychology category by Prof. Mümtaz Turhan Social Vocational School, 2009.

“Patient Safety, Best Practice ” award by OHSAD and Patient Safety Foundation, 2009

“Award of Istanbul Congress Ambassador/2011” ( 7th ECNS “EEG and Clinical Neuroscience” Congress for organizing ECNS Congress in İstanbul, and making it possible for many world-famous scientist to come together.

Membership in scholarly institutions:

American Psychiatry Assosiation (APA), Member

New York Academy of Science, Member

New York Academia Psychiatry Foundation, Member

Internatıonal Psychogeriatric Association (IPA), Member

EG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS), Member of Executive Board

International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP), Member

Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA),

National Geografic Society, Member

International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR), Member

Published Books: (He has donated the copyright of all the books to IDER Foundation.)

Being a Conscious Family (2014)

Love Theraphy (2014)

Yunus Theraphy (2014)

Positive Psychology, Co-authored (Orhan GÜMÜŞEL, Aynur SAYIM) Epilson Publishing, 2008, İstanbul

The Masnavi Theraphy, Timaş Yay.  İstanbul 2012

You Me and Our Kids, Timaş Yay. 2012 İstanbul

Bediuzzaman the  conscience of  the epoch, Nesil Yay. 2012 İstanbul

A Model of Mature Man, Timaş Yay. 2011, İstanbul

Is there any one wanting to understand me? , Timaş Yay. 2009, İstanbul.

Of Life, Co-authored (Dr. Elif Ilgaz) Epilson Publishing, 2008, İstanbul

Family, The Last Refuge, Timaş Yay. 2002. İstanbul.

Psychology of Faith, Human Beings in the triangle of Sprit, Brain and Mind, Timaş Yay. 2009. İstanbul

Addiction, Timaş Yay. 2002. İstanbul.

Social Psychology; From Social Schizophrenia to Social Empathy Timaş Yay. 2010, İstanbul.

Psychological Warfare (Gray Propaganda), Timaş Yay. 2002. İstanbul

A Journey from Mind to  Heart, Bediüzzaman Way, Nesil Yay. İstanbul 2012

Woman Psychology, Nesil Publishing Group, 2005, İstanbul.

Psychology of Happiness, Converting stress into happiness, Timaş Yay. 2002, İstanbul.

Reasonable Solution, A Guide for intra-family communication, Timaş Publication. 2004, İstanbul.

To be at peace with yourself. Zafer Yay. 2001. İstanbul.

Psychology of Emotions, Timaş Yay. 2006. İstanbul.

Psychology of Marriage, Timaş Yay. 2006. İstanbul

Family School, Timaş Yay. 2004.İstanbul

Asymmetric War, Political psychology, Timaş Yay. 2010, İstanbul.

Innovations in Psychopharmacology, the Symposium Book. GATA 1991, Istanbul.

Biological, Sociological, Psychological Aspects of Violence (co-authored), Yücel Yay. 2000. İstanbul.

Stress and Diseases. Gri Ajans, 1990. İstanbul. 

Blood and Circulation  (1982)

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